Floating & Substitute Staff

Diane Manion joined Children’s House in March of 2008 after retiring from the State of Illinois. As a center substitute she helps in every room in the center when needed. Diane and her husband have three daughters and five grandchildren.

Sandy Manion retired from the State of Illinois and joined Children’s House in May of 2003. Sandy helps in all the classrooms as one of the centers substitutes. When not working she loves to travel, shop and spend time with her family including her nieces and nephews.

Julie Miller joined Children’s House in September of 2012. She is a center substitute and works mainly in our Toddler room. She is a graduate of Jacksonville High School. She ran her own home daycare for two years. She also worked for Distract 186 Scope Daycare for 10 years. She has 20 plus years working with children.

Anne Lewis is our part time center floater. She has been employed here at Children’s House since June of 2001. Before moving to Illinois she lived in Missouri. For 7 years she stayed at home doing in home daycare. After moving to Illinois she was a health care provider for her mom and also worked 9 years at previous Springfield daycare. December 2013 brought her much happiness when she was blessed with her first grand baby!

We welcomed Rachel Foster as a part time floater as of  March 2014; and Emily Schroeder in February 2015. We feel blessed to have both of these young ladies on our staff.